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Supporting Students and Researchers at universities around the world

With over 14 million users around the world from over 6,800 different institutions, Overleaf is the most popular LaTeX-based writing and collaboration platform for students and researchers alike.

Overleaf Commons is our subscription service for organizations that can provide Overleaf premium to all Overleaf users or to specific groups. This service provides streamlined, branded enrollment, a resource portal with featured templates, member training and administrative analytics/metrics.

It’s been a win for everyone – the library gets the insight and information it needs, the students and faculty get a great tool for writing and collaborating, and the University gets an easy submission portal for its online repository. We couldn’t be happier with Overleaf.

Andrew Creamer
Librarian at Brown University

Overleaf Commons helps ensure that an institution can provide easy access to the full power of Overleaf, and proactively support their students, researchers, faculty, and staff by providing an innovative, collaborative, state-of-the-art solution to help them succeed.

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Overleaf Commons includes:

  • Overleaf Professional accounts – for students, faculty and staff.
  • Hassle-free license management – users simply register with their institutional email address on Overleaf (or add it to their existing Overleaf account) to join your Overleaf Commons license and receive their upgrade automatically.
  • An Overleaf resource portal – featuring templates, FAQs and Help resources, and a quick way for new users to sign up.
  • Support – we’ll help you get everything set up and then we’re here to answer questions from students, faculty and staff about the platform, templates or LaTeX itself!
  • Training videos and webinars – to help ensure your users and admin staff are ready to use the Overleaf platform.
  • Metrics and analytics – we provide an administrative dashboard with metrics and analytics on platform use, users, projects and submissions.

Download our Request for Service kit to help gather support internally:

Download Request for Service Kit

Includes instructions and a letter for your favorite librarian, head of department, or other decision maker.

Already available at these leading institutions

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California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Institute of Physics (IOP)

Stanford University

Test: American Mathematical Society

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